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Mold and flooding plague veteran's apartment | News

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Mold and flooding plague veteran's apartment

STONE MOUNTAIN, GA (WXIA) -- Disabled Air Force veteran Darryl Johnson returned from the Middle East nearly three years ago and moved into a Stone Mountain apartment, where he says he's been dealing with mold and other issues ever since.


Johnson says that no matter what he does, he has not been able to rid his apartment of mold and flooding, and has had to watch while his ceiling has simply collapsed in front of him.

"I've been sleeping in my car, because I cannot stay around the mold," he said. "And when my kids were here, they were constantly getting sick because of the different mold and stuff all around the house."

Johnson said the apartment management company offered to let him out of his lease.

"Basically, if I had the money to just move somewhere, I definitely would -- but I do so many different jobs to get money together so I can get into a better place, and I can actually have my son here," he said. "I think I have done enough for my country that I should not have to worry about my living space -- especially if I am paying my rent on time and taking care of all of my bills."

Veteran's Affairs Advocate Marie Holliday agreed.

"No veteran should live in these type of conditions," she said. "And I've been to many apartment complexes."

11Alive's Bill Liss contacted DeKalb County Code Enforcement officials to take a careful look at the apartment. In a matter of one day, they were able to come out and do just that -- they were able to issue deadlines to the management of the apartment complex to correct the mold and flooding issues in the apartment.

"The management company has actually made the repairs that were required initially by DeKalb County Code Enforcement," said DeKalb County Code Enforcement supervisor Wilfred Luke. "And we are still going to follow up in an added inspection until the complete process is done."

Johnson says he now hopes he can live full time in the apartment, and not sleep in the car. And he hopes he can now bring his son over to visit.