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"Osiris the Series" Launching this Fall!
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"Osiris the Series" Launching this Fall!

Hello All!

My name is LaQuanda Plantt, CEO/Casting Director of "ElleQ Casting".  I launched my casting company August, 2009 and since launching ElleQ Casting I have had the opportunity to cast some amazing projects!  One in particular, "Osiris",  is a web series that launches online September 28th...Osiris: The Web Series http://www.facebook.com/osiristheseries

"Osiris" is a new 10-episode action-thriller Internet Television series filmed in the diverse backdrop of Atlanta featuring gritty crime fiction, espionage, science fiction and the supernatural. Each episode is 5-8 minutes long and features a jaw dropping cliffhanger! In the vein of classic shows like True Blood, Lost and 24, "Osiris" will be addictive television for the web!

The series follows the title character "Osiris", a man with an eternally extended warranty on life. He can never stay dead. If killed, he resurrects in EXACTLY 37 minutes, every time.

As the series begins, Osiris has only 24 hours to track down a kidnapped witness in a federal murder trial. His dangerous hunt not only unravels a conspiracy but it also unveils clues to the true nature of his eternal life.

Starring: Brad James, Nicky Buggs, Stephen Caudill

Written and Directed by Donnie Leapheart

Produced by Rodney Breadlove, Terrance Claiborne, Donnie Leapheart, and (myself) LaQuanda Plantt


Please watch the trailer and share your thoughts...I would love to hear them!  As this is my first 11Alive blog post, you all can look forward to future announcements about "Osiris" as well as other projects I am involved with, including future ElleQ Casting Calls (for the Actors reading...) & workshops.

Welcome to ElleQ's World!

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