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Coach K In Town Checking Out Miller Grove Star Center. | News

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Coach K In Town Checking Out Miller Grove Star Center.
Coach K In Town Checking Out Miller Grove Star Center.

   At 6'9 and 274-pounds, Miller Grove High School's Tony Parker would be a stand-out even if he wasn't a stand-out.

   Just a junior, he's currently Number 15 among ESPN's top basketball recruits for 2012.

   "He plays an up-tempo style game now," said Miller Grove Coach Sharman White.  "He plays like he's on a college level now.  He still has a lot to learn but can do some of things that can contribute to a college program right away."

   And that may have something to do with the fact that sitting quietly in the bleachers of Douglass High's gymnasium was none other than college basketball legend Coach K, Mike Krzyzewski, scouting Parker first-hand as a potential prospect for Duke.

   "He has an unlimited amount of potential," noted Coach White.  'I think he's going to reach every last one of his goals; and he's set some high goals for not only himself but our program as well.  And we're so happy to have him and so happy to personally be able to coach this kid.  It's a blessing."

   Coach Krzyzewski and his assistants watched Parker attentively, knowing that his talent was one of the reasons Miller Grove knocked off the nation's number one high school team, Milton.

    "It was a great win for our program and really put our program on the map," said White.  "We never doubted ourselves going into that game, and I think we just had to show the world and show the nation that we're here and a viable part of the national championship picture as well."

   The big center's skills on the hardwood make him an asset to any team.  But his conduct off the court makes him an asset to any school.

   "Tony's a great kid," remarked White.  "He's probably one of the most high-character kids I've ever coached... always trying to do the right thing; always trying to be a leader to his teammates; and always that guy that tries to pick up the other guys when they're feeling low."

   And right now, at least, there's not too much of that, while they're riding so high.