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Kimberly E. Stone
Fashion & Philanthropy Contributor


Kimberly E. Stone, is a young entrepreneur with a love for philanthropy and learning the stories behind people facing adversity or sudden change in the community. Stone’s just as much a listener as she is a talker. Her knack for recognizing creative talent and pinpointing successful lines, led her to launch and develop POSHGLAM.com and harness an online voice of activism, social responsibility and community evolvement. She sees fashion as a uniting universal force and it's her most utilized form of communication. By developing an impactful social media footprint, she has become a voice for many and believes in the power of journalism and its responsibility to report the most accurate version of the truth.

While working as a Relationship Manager for an IT Staffing Augmentation Firm, Stone honed her interpersonal skills and developed invaluable relationships with top professionals and industry mentors. Her diverse network of both young and experienced advisors has helped to enrich her understanding and enhance her entrepreneurial pursuits. She's enterprising in nature and continues to build her resume by embracing new experiences, consulting for fashion marketing and philanthropy synergies, and enjoys stepping outside of her comfort zone by tapping into exciting burgeoning markets via the World Wide Web and travel.

If you would like to pitch a story, please email: Kimberly@KimberlyEStone.com