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Da Hot Commodity
C.E.O. of DHC Social Media Gathering LLC.

                      In the City of Cincinnati 1977, I was born for talent. By age 11, I began my dreams of becoming an Entertainer of the Arts. I enrolled in The School for Creative and Performing Arts of Cincinnati and became a Dance/Drama-major with an Art-minor. There, I received 2 years of rigorous training. Around the same time, I choreographed a performance for The Cincinnati Convention Center. There, my younger sister and I performed as background dancers for a song my uncle had, called "School Cool". By that time I had learned how to play the clarinet and percussion instruments. I am also musically inclined. While staying busy in the Arts, I found time to become a Big Sister, a member of a 6-person singing group and a leader for Illusion Models Modeling Club. As leader of the modeling club I instructed models on the Art of Modeling. I performed for various events in the City of Cincinnati such as; Black Family Reunion, The Jazz Festival and The Rudy Johnson Foundation as a model, to name a few. In 2008, I relocated to Atlanta, Ga. and exercised my managerial skills stemming from my degree in Interior Design I received in 2002. In 2009 and 2010, I performed as an actress, playing 4 roles in the Sam Cooke Documentary for a total of 11 shows. 6 of which were performed at "The 14TH St. Playhouse", in a prominent area of Downtown, Atlanta. Soon after, I played as an extra in the movie "The Blind Side", that was shot here in Atlanta, Ga. Under my company, DHC Social Media Gathering, LLC., I have volunteered my services with, "The Make A Wish Foundation", "A-List PR Firm", "ATL Events" and "Block Ent.", to name a few. While providing the BEST community news in our region, I will be highlighting the latest hottest interviews and events for the Tri-State Area.