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5 DeKalb Schools Marching Bands participate in honoring Dr. King’s legacy, Jan. 16

DeKalb County - Five DeKalb County School System high school marching bands will participate in the DeKalb NAACP’s 10th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade and Peace Rally on Monday, Jan. 16 at 12:30 p.m. Dr.

Cheryl Atkinson and Honorable Congressman Henry “Hank” Johnson will serve as the Grand Marshals.

The parade will begin in the MARTA parking lot, on Fourth Street, in the downtown City of Stone Mountain. All participants must arrive before 11:30 a.m. The following DeKalb Schools high school bands are scheduled to participate:

  · Cedar Grove High School

  - Clarkston High School

  · Martin Luther King, Jr. High School

  - McNair High School

  · Stone Mountain  High School


State looking at repealing education spending law

State looking at repealing education spending law

TUCKER, Ga. -- Georgia is considering throwing out a law requiring 65 percent of state funding to be spent in public school classrooms.

A state commission tasked with overhauling how Georgia funds K-12 education voted Wednesday to draw up legislation repealing the unpopular law. The move is part of a larger effort to update the state's educational laws, known as Title 20.

The law was passed in 2006 as part of a national push to make sure schools were spending taxpayer dollars in the classroom, not the principal's office, to help boost student achievement. But state officials say the law hasn't impacted student performance and hamstrings schools.

The education finance commission began meeting in June 2011 after state lawmakers passed a bill calling for the state to study education funding.

Metro Atlanta heads back to school this week

Metro Atlanta heads back to school this week

ATLANTA -- Although four Georgia mountain counties found themselves with an extra day of winter break due to weather, most of metro Atlanta began heading back to school Tuesday.

Cherokee, Gwinnett and Henry counties resumed classes on Jan. 3.

Probation officers walk hallways in DeKalb schools

Probation officers walk hallways in DeKalb schools

DECATUR, Ga. -- Public schools in DeKalb County are allowing probation officers into the schools and giving them office space in some cases so they can monitor students who have been in trouble with the law.

According to reports about 15 probation officers visit the county's middle and high school an average of three days a week.  

They monitor 386 students who have been to juvenile court for everything from minor violations such as truancy to serious crimes such as assault, burglary or possession of illegal drugs.

Sutton Peagler, DeKalb County's chief juvenile court judge, says the goal is to monitor compliance of students with court orders and make sure they stay in school.

The Journal-Constitution reports that more than one-third of Georgia's school systems have school-based probation programs.

Gwinnett College graduates its largest class ever

Gwinnett College graduates its largest class ever

Gwinnett County - Georgia Gwinnett College has just graduated "its largest class to date."

College enrollment has increased in the last 2 years and continues to grow as the economy suffers.

Emily Valentino, pictured above was the college's 500th graduate.

Georgia 9th graders will have to choose career paths

Georgia 9th graders will have to choose career paths

ATLANTA -- Here's a question: Did you know what career you wanted to pursure in night grade?

Next fall, all high school freshman in Georgia public schools will have to determine a career path and take classes tailored to that goal.

"The governor signed house bill 187 into law this past session, which mandates that we have career pathways for all students beginning in the fall of 2012," said State School Superintendent Dr. John Barge. "It's a national model. Many states are already using career clusters and career pathways."

There are 17 careers clusters and each one has a core of subjects students must take. The process is similar to working on a major in college. Students will have the opportunity to switch career pathways throughout their time in high school.