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College: What to Do Once You’ve Been Accepted | Schools

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College: What to Do Once You’ve Been Accepted

OMG… it is such a relief not to have the whole where am I going to go to college thing hanging over my head. 12 years just flew by and I finally made it woo hoo! People keep telling me that the next few months are going to be incredibly busy and exciting as I get ready for the transition from high school senior to college freshman. If any of you have met Mommy Dearest you know that she insists that I do as much as I can for myself. So she helped me come up with a list of things to take care of before my first day on campus.

  1. Read All College Materials Carefully; Yeah the acceptance letter is important but make sure you keep track of the information the college sends you  on orientation, financial aid, housing, meal plans etc.... You have about 8 weeks till school starts so you really don’t have a lot of time to make decisions. Pay special attention to any deadlines.
  2. Send the Tuition Deposit: A lot of colleges give you until  May 1 to make your final decision and send in your deposit. Your tuition deposit signals your acceptance of the college's offer of admission and reserves your place in the freshman class. Sending your deposit late (or not at all) can jeopardize your acceptance. Many colleges accept credit cards for tuition deposits. If the deposit deadline is not clear to you, contact the college and ask.

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