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The fight against celebratory gunfire | News

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The fight against celebratory gunfire

ATLANTA -- Deardee Hurst was sitting inside her third floor apartment on Moury Avenue in Southeast Atlanta Saturday night when she was struck in the back by a bullet, a victim of celebratory gunfire.

On Monday, Hurst's children said she is home from the hospital, recuperating.

Two years ago, 5-year-old Marquel Peters died when a stray bullet, believed to be celebratory gunfire, came through the roof of his church and struck and killed him.

"I could not just sit here and do nothing," said Stone Mountain community activist and preacher Henry Louis Adams.

Adams has worked for two years, since the death of Peters, to spread the word about the dangers of celebratory gunfire. Using social media, he has created a Facebook page called Citizens Against Celabratory Gunfire.

But just two nights ago, incidents of near misses and critical injuries poured in from around the country, as revelers indiscriminately fired their guns.

"New Year's Eve was just like a war zone here," Adams said.

Adams has had to huddle in his Stone Mountain home with his wife and daughter on past New Year's Eves. He hoped this year would be better. It wasn't.

"Around 11:30 p.m. they really started shooting. Twelve midnight it was a war zone. It sounded like a war zone out here," he said.

Adams says he will not stop, that the loss of one young boy is what keeps him going.