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911 calls relive the horror of Snellville triple murder | News

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911 calls relive the horror of Snellville triple murder

ATLANTA -- The search for the suspect in a triple homicide outside Snellville is expanding. 

Gwinnett County police say they have issued BOLO's for 33 year-old Robert Bell in several areas that he may be familiar with. They include Chicago, Albany, Georgia, and Crossville Tennessee. 

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The search also continues for him in metro Atlanta as well. 

Three people, including a mother and her 12 year-old son, were killed. 

Police say what makes this crime that much worse is the fact that family that was killed had let Bell stay with them after he hit hard times.  It's believed they knew each other from church.

Gwinnett PD released the 911 calls from that horrific scene Wednesday, and they are intense and frightening. 

A makeshift memorial stands outside the home at 4630 Anderson Livsey lane.  Sunday night two victims lay in the ditch where the balloons and Teddy bears sit; one dying of multiple gunshots; the other severely injured but able to call 911.

"Gwinnett county 911. What's the location of your emergency?"
"4630 Avderson Livsey. I've been shot."
"And where's the person that did it?"
"He's still around. Please come."
"Okay, he's still around where. What do you mean?"
"At the house. He shot everybody at the house."

Watching the horror unfold outside her window, a young mother, terrified for the lives of the shooting victims and her own family, as the killer stalks within feet of her front door.

"He's in our driveway. He has a machine gun. He's chasing... he just kept shooting. Kept shooting. He's running. I think she's dead. Please hurry. He had a machine gun. He just kept shooting kept shooting. I'm just so scared that she's dead in our yard. He was running. He kept running. He just kept shooting. I heard some other gunshots. Please hurry."

The police arrive in a matter of minutes but appear to be uncertain of the exact location of the mayhem.
The witness grows frustrated that the officers are within sight of the crime but still cannot see it.

"She's screaming. She keeps saying she's not going to make it. They don't hear her. I'm trying to save her life. They're not even in front of the right house."

The suspect, 33 year-old Robert Bell is still in the area. His car is still in the driveway and his keys would be found later on the ground.
The witness refuses to leave her home, without a police escort.

"He's around here somewhere. I'm so scared. Tell them to come to our door. Because he's out here. He's in the house, because I've never seen him leave. He's in the house. I've never seen him leave. He has a machine gun. He doesn't just have a regular gun."
Cpl. Jake smith of Gwinnett PD says the motive for the shooting is still unknown. The weapon used was an AR-15 and was left in the suspect's vehicle. It's not clear if the killer had any other weapons.
Ironically, there was another shooting up the street from the murders Wednesday. Police say it was unrelated. The victim in that incident is expected to be okay.