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Man arrested for firing shot before Confederate flag rally | News

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Man arrested for firing shot before Confederate flag rally

STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga. – A man was arrested after firing a shot before a rally held in support of the Confederate flag at Stone Mountain Saturday.

Investigators said 27-year-old Bryce White opened fire as a caravan of trucks flying Confederate flags traveled towards the entrance of Stone Mountain Park on Saturday morning.

"From what we could tell from the cars that were in front of us, the guy was shooting at the ground," said a woman in one of the trucks.

The woman said that at first she thought it was a firecracker, but soon realized it was the sound of a bullet. She said she told her children to duck.

"I think his intentions were to scare people and let his opinion be known," she said.

Several reports circulated on social media and blogs that the truck was hit with three bullets. The family said that didn't happen.

"It might be that they intentionally got the information wrong to try and rile people up more," she said. "I think if he wanted to try and hurt anybody,we would have found a bullet hole in at least one."

The woman said that she believes people are being baited for a race war and she refuses to be a part of it.

"It used to be that people would march on Washington and do it in a peaceful manner, nowadays it's people are so, 'Go out there and grab your gun and do this,'" she said.

White is charged with disorderly conduct and discharge of a firearm near a highway. He's been released on $30,000 bond. Police said he wasn't charged with a hate crime because his intentions weren't known. The family in the truck said they believe the charges are just.

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