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Counter-protests, KKK shunned at pro-Confederate Flag rally | News

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Counter-protests, KKK shunned at pro-Confederate Flag rally

STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga. -- Hundreds of people showed up at Stone Mountain, Saturday, in support of the Confederate Flag.

Organizers intended for this to be a calm and respectful rally and, for the most part, it was – though a counter protest caused a few moments of tension where it looked like a fight could break out at any moment.

People who came to celebrate their heritage looked hate right in the eye with disgust when an admitted and adamant member of the KKK came to the event.

They made it clear that he was not welcome to the crowd's chants of "Go away KKK".



The man later left but he wasn't the one causing the outburst. Next came the counter-protesters.


"Look at your heritage," one man said while stepping on the confederate flag in front of several flag supporters.

"Don't waste your time with him," a flag supporter said to other members of the crowd attempting the calm the situation.

Some tense and profane moments were shared between the groups with one ant-flag protester calling the crowd racists.

Despite the tension, police kept any fights from breaking out and no one was arrested during the events.

"[They're] trying to instigate the crowd – that could cause some problems," John Bankhead of Stone Mountain Police said. "I hope it settles down soon."

This turmoil was not what organizers wanted to happen – though most of the rally was peaceful.

11Alive spoke to Nick Stewart who came with an open mind and left with this impression:

"I was almost expecting to see a lot of white sheets but it hasn't been like that at all," Stewart said. "They say it's about heritage – not hate. It's been peaceful."

Organizers said all along they would not tolerate any racial slurs or violence. They wanted the rally to be very respectful and honor where they grew up.