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LITHONIA | New NBC pilot production takes over neighborhood | News

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LITHONIA | New NBC pilot production takes over neighborhood

LITHONIA, Ga. (WXIA) -- A production shoot for a new NBC television pilot has taken over the cul-de-sac of a neighborhood in Lithonia. 

From the creator of Lost, it's a drama about characters surviving in a world that has lost all of its energy sources.  In 11Alive helicopter footage, you can see the large wooden wall that's been built around the cul-de-sac. 

Several homeowners agreed to move off of their property and stay in area motels. Boards were hung on their windows that looked like they were nailed up, and dirty soap was sprayed all over their siding.  Genuine crops were planted in their yards.  

Some residents were pleased to see the production coming to their town, while others said it was a hassle.  Trey Harris said the dirt from the trucks keeps getting all over his cars, and his wife says she got a flat tire while they were building the wooden fence. 

"All I ask is for the simple courtesy of coming by and finding out what we need to accommodate us, to make our experience better," said neighborhood resident Trey Harris.  "Since they're infringing on our privacy and our community without consulting us first."

Production equipment was partially blocking off the only entrance to the neighborhood.  Residents were given a letter that explained a production was being filmed.  It pointed out the economic impact of filming in Atlanta, and asked for patience. 

"I'm excited for us to be a part of a production that's going to be on television," said neighborhood resident Janice Jackson.  "But I can feel for the neighbors who live up there where all that's going on, it's tough."

With the sent finished, filming begins tomorrow, and is expected to last into April.








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