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Tucker High Student Awarded Grant to Plant 1,000 Trees in Stone Mountain Area | Environment

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Tucker High Student Awarded Grant to Plant 1,000 Trees in Stone Mountain Area
Tucker High Student Awarded Grant to Plant 1,000 Trees in Stone Mountain Area

Stone Mountain, Ga. – Tucker High School junior Courtney Scott has won a Planet Connect grant from the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) to implement a project to plant 1,000 new trees in the Stone Mountain community.

“Trees are being cut down all around the world,” Ms. Scott wrote in her proposal, entitled ‘Give Back.’ “Not only are animals all over the world losing their homes, but the deforestation is causing climate changes which are becoming a global threat.”

“If people will not stop cutting down trees, then this planet and all its inhabitants are in danger of losing their home. I will try my best to re-compensate for all the trees that are being cut down and I will influence others to do the same.”

Planet Connect, an online resource and social network for environmentally conscious teens, selected a total of 10 high school students from a national pool of impressive student-submitted proposals for projects to help protect local wildlife and educate their classmates, schools and communities about conservation issues. The award provides each student with $1000 to fund their proposals and an accompanying summer internship.

Grant funds were made possible through a partnership with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. “We are excited to give our support to these creative student initiatives that will not only impact specific wildlife and habitat issues in their communities, but will also help to sustain a new generation of conservationists,” said Georgia Jeppesen, Branch Chief for Education and Outreach Career Awareness at U.S Fish and Wildlife Service.

Scott will use social networking to advance her tree-planting cause beyond the 1,000 she will plant herself. “I plan to encourage people to take a seedling, go home, and take pictures of them planting it. Then, they can send those photos to me and I will post them on a website so everyone can see.”

She also plans to call parks and wildlife preserves to make sure that the trees she is disseminating have good homes.

“I want to spread awareness about the global ecosystem. It’s time we all give back to the environment. People tend to think that they are separate from nature. We are all nature, and everything we do affects the planet,” she wrote.