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Don’t be the fool at the pool! | Community Spirit

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Don’t be the fool at the pool!
 Don’t be the fool at the pool!

It's almost pool party time. We've got new bikinis and can't wait to break them in. But before most public pools "officially" open Memorial Day weekend we decided to give a refresher in pool/beach etiquette. ‘Tragically , not everyone was born knowing how to act at the pool or beach.  Unfortunately, there are some people who really need to be told not to poo, pee, spit, or blow their nose in a pool. For those of you who know better bear with us, and for those of you who don't, read on!

  • Observe the rules of personal space. Even in a crowded pool, you can manage to enjoy your dip without brushing up against everyone in sight.
  • Make sure you’re clean before entering the pool. SHOWER! Nobody wants to swim in body funk soup. Yeah we know, you showered at home, we don’t care.Take the hose and rinse of poolside anyway. Layers of bug spray or tanning oil washing off into the water can ruin the experience for others.
  • Don’t change children’s diapers in the pool area; use the rest room
  • Don't let kids run wild and don’t expect anyone else, especially the lifeguard, to watch over them for you.
  • Keep food and beverages out of the pool. In a home pool, sipping a smoothie while you float on a raft may be OK, but don't risk contaminating the pool water at a hotel, apartment complex, or public park.
  • Don’t be a lounge or chair hog. If you're going to leave your pool chair for an extended period of time, take your stuff with you and let someone else enjoy the sun.
  • Many pools and beaches are designated non-smoking areas. But even if smoking is allowed, keep your smoke away from others and, at the beach, don’t bury your cigarette butts in the sand.
  • Watch your language. Being in the pool is like being in a restaurant. It's not appropriate to  scream across the pool or lounging area to friends and family.
  • More tips ... www.threegirlsandamic.com