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Follow the Dekalb Chamber of Commerce on Social Media

Follow the Dekalb Chamber of Commerce on Social Media

In a recent survey on social media we asked "Why aren't you following the Chamber on Social Media?"

We got a wide variety of responses from "My bad" to "I really do not like the time it takes and the mundane petty responses about nothing . . I am wayyyyyyyyyyyy tooooooooooooo busy for the backandforthbackandforth nothing said of the social media world . . . ." <?xml:namespace prefix = o />


Please allow me to take a second to address some of your concerns.

Decatur residents to speak out about Walmart at Feb. 23 Community Forum

DECATUR --  (submitted by Good Growth Dekalb) Walmart has plans of opening a location in The Surburban Plaza in Decatur.  This has stirred a most vocal contingent of residents that are against this proposal and are fighting the coming of Walmart.  Below is their latest release:

Neighbors of Suburban Plaza Shopping Center will have their first clear opportunity to "have their say" at a Community Forum hosted by Good Growth DeKalb on Thursday, Feb 23 at 7:00 p.m. at North Decatur Presbyterian Church (611 Medlock Road, at the Corner of Medlock and North Decatur Roads). The goal of the meeting is for residents of the city of Decatur and neighborhoods surrounding Suburban Plaza, where Selig Enterprises has proposed building a 149,000 square foot Walmart Supercenter, to weigh in on the development and share their vision for better community development.

New state law changes business license process for Gwinnett businesses

Gwinnett County - (submitted by Gwinnett County Government) Businesses in Gwinnett County are receiving occupation tax certificate renewal forms in the mail, but before certificates can be renewed, applicants must comply with new state requirements that went into effect on January 1. During the 2011 legislative session, the Georgia General Assembly passed the Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act (House Bill 87), that places new requirements on local governments and businesses to ensure they comply with federal and state immigration laws.

UHY’s David Barton to Share Knowledge on Service Organization Audits February 14

UHY’s David Barton to Share Knowledge on Service Organization Audits February 14

Webinar will focus on data center audit standards and assessments

David Barton will address professional service organizations and their customers and lead a discussion on data center audit standards and assessments during a webinar Tuesday, February 14th from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m.

DEKALB | 'Undesirable' businesses not welcome in county

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. -- DeKalb County Commissioner Lee May stood at a busy intersection Friday evening and pointed to what he called undesirable businesses cluttering up, even endangering, the neighborhood.

"You have a liquor store right here, and behind the liquor store you have a grocery store that sells beer and wine.... You have across the street a gas station that sells beer and wine. On the other side of the intersection you have a drug store that sells beer and wine. You have a proliferation of alcohol outlets" at just that one intersection.

And it's a county-wide problem, he said.

This week the county commission approved May's proposal to limit how many additional "undesirable" businesses will be allowed to move into the county, and where they'll be allowed to move in.

'Mega Monday' expected to set records for shopping, returns

ATLANTA -- It's the biggest gift return day of the season, and experts predict "Mega Monday" could be as big as Cyber Monday or Black Friday.

Retailers slashed prices to entice customers already heading to stores to exchange gifts and hunt for after-Christmas bargains.

"Thirty-five percent more people will be returning this year, than last year," said Janice Lieberman, Consumer Correspondent for the Today Show. "For every dollar spent during the holiday, almost ten cents of it is returned." 

Some store make returns much easier than others. 

Sears may be the number one easy return store because they not only readily accept returns, but they extended their return window to 120 days through this holiday season.

Practicing What They Preach: Turner Construction Atlanta Achieves LEED Gold Certification for Their

Practicing What They Preach: Turner Construction Atlanta Achieves LEED Gold Certification for Their

Company’s commitment to green construction
practices starts with their own offices

Turner Construction Atlanta, a leader in environmentally friendly building practices, recently received a Gold LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification from the United States Green Building Council for renovation of their own Atlanta offices. Turner is Atlanta’s largest LEED builder and incorporates sustainable elements into every project.

For Winston Williams, the company’s Green Champion, the space is a demonstration of Turner’s real commitment to sustainability. “Green building practices are an important movement in construction today,” he says. “We embrace those values not only for our clients, but for ourselves as well.”

Green features of the space include: