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Clipping for a Cause
Clipping for a Cause

A group of women from First United Methodist Church of Lawrenceville has donated more than $12,000 worth of household products to local charities in one year and spent very little money out of pocket.

Their ministry, called Clipping for a Cause, was founded a year ago by expert couponer and church member Heather Bonner. "I felt called by God to start a ministry that uses coupons to buy inexpensive thing to donate to local charities," she said.

Church members donate their unwanted coupons every Sunday. On Wednesday, Bonner and her volunteers get together and start clipping. They focus on  items they can get for free or under 50 cents. "We buy milk, pasta, personal hygiene items, razors, formula for babies, anything you can think of," she said.

They shop at a local Publix store and often call the store days before their trip to make sure anything they buy in large quantities is in stock.

Tiffany Willard also donates to charity through her website, Zealforadeal.com. "I started couponing for myself about a year ago and decided there were some coupons I wasn't using that maybe I could use to help other people," she said.

I started spending about three dollars a week just buying up little things and I thought, I could spread this and tell other people about it," she said.

Now Zealforadeal.com has a weekly listing called Change for a Change. It features free or inexpensive items that individuals can buy with coupons to donate to charity. Willard said her blog has inspired thousands of shoppers to buy food and personal care items for charity each week, spending just a few dollars but actually buy more than $20 worth of products.
"This week we're getting disposable razors, vitamins, cereal and pizza sauce," she said.

One of her strategies is combining Publix Store coupons with manufacturer's coupons. "This coupon from the  Publix sale booklet is for three dollars off of any Sundown Naturals Vitamins, then there is a printable coupon for a dollar off so if you can find the vitamins that are $4.00 or less you can get free vitamins," she explained.

At checkout Willard pays $3.40 for $26 worth of groceries.  She said she and her blog's followers are hoping to donate $500,00 worth of products this year.

The Clipping for a Cause group's subtotal before coupons was $579.33. After coupons it was only $34.59.

"That's our personal best!" said Bonnner. "Let's just say some people must have been praying really hard last night," she laughed.