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'Mega Monday' expected to set records for shopping, returns | Business

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'Mega Monday' expected to set records for shopping, returns

ATLANTA -- It's the biggest gift return day of the season, and experts predict "Mega Monday" could be as big as Cyber Monday or Black Friday.

Retailers slashed prices to entice customers already heading to stores to exchange gifts and hunt for after-Christmas bargains.

"Thirty-five percent more people will be returning this year, than last year," said Janice Lieberman, Consumer Correspondent for the Today Show. "For every dollar spent during the holiday, almost ten cents of it is returned." 

Some store make returns much easier than others. 

Sears may be the number one easy return store because they not only readily accept returns, but they extended their return window to 120 days through this holiday season.

Target promises to attempt a return on every purchase, even those without a receipt, which is rare to see. They also have a generous 90 day return window, but without a reciept or the credit or debit card with which an item was purchased, you may not get its full value back.

Nordstrom's refreshingly not only offers free shipping but pays return shipping on all returns, all the time.

Now for the naughty list.

Walmart could not be more complicated or confusing. Every department has a different return policy. CD's and books: 90 days; video game hardware: 15 days; pre-owned video game software: 90 days; computer hardware: 15 Days; lawn mowers: 30 days. They have an entire chart to explain the situation on their website.

Best Buy's tiered return policy is also confusing. They limit many returns to 14 days. Other products have 30 days, but if you're a reward zone premier silver member (which is a mouth-full on its own), you get 45 days. Even store reps are a little confused at times.