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Art Micro Enterprise Project of Stone Mountain | Arts & Culture

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Art Micro Enterprise Project of Stone Mountain
Art Micro Enterprise Project of Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain, GA--  (submitted by City of Stone Mountain) The Art Micro-Enterprise project is a unique economic revitalization partnership effort between DeKalb County and the City of Stone Mountain to attract visitors, tourists, and citizens to the downtown commercial district.  This project will promote business ownership and economic viability with the City providing the participants with technical and financial assistance with business development. 

The City’s focus for this program will be in the “Arts”. For the purpose of this program the term “art” is not limited to the visual arts but also encompasses performing and culinary arts.  The City will accept applications from artists wanting to be a part of this program.  All participants must meet HUD microenterprise regulations as commercial enterprises.  Based upon an evaluation of the applicants, eight (8) art/business candidates will be identified to be the program participants.  The selected participants will remain in the program for a maximum of two (2) years.  All selected business participants will also meet the low to moderate income requirements as established by HUD regulations. Concurrently with the business participant selection, the City will lease five (5) vacant building/rental spaces to house the eight selected business participants.  These locations will be provided to the business participants at a reduced cost (subsidized through the grant funding).  This will allow the business participants sufficient time to fully develop their business into a successful endeavor.  However, all program participants will be required to provide all of their equipment and supplies, pay a nominal monthly rent and open with set business hours.

 The City will also provide mandatory business development training to the selected participants to assist with the success of their business.  This training will include workshops on business development, marketing, legal awareness, employee laws and relationships, accounting, taxes, customer service, business branding/identification and other business related subjects.  Any “artist” wanting more information or wishing to obtain an application should call City Hall at (770) 498-8984 or visit www.artstation.org. The art micro-enterprise businesses will be open late this summer so when you are in downtown Stone Mountain be sure to stop in and see what they have to offer.