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New Decatur Beer Company Delivers on Taste and Sells Out in Bars all across Atlanta | People

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New Decatur Beer Company Delivers on Taste and Sells Out in Bars all across Atlanta

Atlanta, GA--  Wild Heaven Craft Beers is the latest new brewery/beer company in the Atlanta area and has already begun to Sell Out at most bars. Of course,this is one of those good problems to have... Customer demand has been through the roof and bars have been happy to carry the new Decatur brand.

Wild Heaven is a Georgia company created by lifelong Georgians – founder Nick Purdy and consulting brewmaster Eric Johnson. Nick has coined the motto, "Serve Your Neighbor", and they have done just that both in Decatur and in Athens.  According to their website, "Wild Heaven aims to be one of America’s great breweries as well as helping raise the profile of beer in the south," with a new brewery coming to Decatur by 2013.

Wild Heaven is currently serving up 2 distinct beers, Invocation and Ode to Mercy.  Invocation is a golden Belgium style ale that is pleases the palete in so many different ways.  If you are looking for a strong alcohol beer, the Invocation boasts a 8.5% alcoholic content.   The taste has hints of tropical fruits which mask any alcohol that you may expect from a high percentage alcohol beer.  In addition the Invocation has a slightly bitter finish which soon dissolves away, and also has a great refreshing carbonation value that has just the right amount of "kick". Overall Invocation is a happy, hoppy cross between a great Belgium Ale and a good IPA.

On the other end of the spectrum, Wild Heaven Craft Beers offers a dark Brown Ale called Ode To Mercy that may end up being the 1 beer that can bring those that never enjoyed a Dark Brown Ale over onto the bandwagon.  Its smoothness and aftertaste were unexpected and the beer just keeps giving as you continue drinking it. Ode To Mercy will soon be a favorite for local beer buffs across the city. It is very creamy with hints of coffee, yet it doesn't shy away from being what it is, a Great Beer.

Founder Nick Purdy and his Brewmaster have great food pairings on their website (http://wildheavencraftbeers.com/) for each of the beers, and are undoubtedly busy cranking out more barrels of these two brews to be able to supply the demand for this new little Decatur company whose only motto is to, "Serve Your Neighbor."