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HELP DESK: Getting an Eviction Lifted for an Army Vet in Foreclosure | News

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HELP DESK: Getting an Eviction Lifted for an Army Vet in Foreclosure
HELP DESK: Getting an Eviction Lifted for an Army Vet in Foreclosure

STONE MOUNTAIN, GA -- Paulette Davenport has lived in the same home in Stone Mountain for 12 years. She is a single mom and an Army veteran, seriously injured as she was training to go to Iraq.

The bank moved in and foreclosed -- at least for now.

Because of her accident, she's been in and out of VA hospitals for years. She says she's tried all along to keep her home.

The bank says they didn't see it that way and foreclosed.

"Last Friday it was raining, the Sheriff came to my front door and the Sheriff said you have to go, but he said I am not going to let you go in this rain," Davenport said.

"I have no place to go. My Mom is here from Jamaica. It's the only place I can go, but it's not feasible because of my health problems. So I have no place to go except a homeless shelter," she said.

Davenport says she got a call from Bank of America saying that the foreclosure was a mistake -- then just a few days another call saying it wasn't an error and the bank had already foreclosed. It wasn't long before the Sheriff showed up.

She tried to get some answers.

"I have called and spoken to many different people at Bank of America. They all tell me it's too late, 'Call me back in two weeks.' I would spend hours on the phone. They keep transferring me to different places, different numbers, continuously. No help, nothing," Davenport said.

What was Paulette Davenport to do? Her 16-year-old son, Travis Davenport, took over and sent the 11Alive Help Desk an e-mail.

"Every day I would see my mom sad and depressed, and I had to do something about it. I could not see her so sad. I had to find a way to make her happy and I watched the news and I see people all the time being helped, so why can't they help us?" Travis said.

After 11Alive's Bill Liss contacted Bank of America, the bank withdrew the eviction order. They said that Davenport and her family will stay in the house as the bank sorts through months of paperwork.

"I just want to keep my home for me and my family," she said.

That's the next goal for 11Alive's Help Desk on behalf of Davenport -- getting Bank of America to rescind the foreclosure once and for all, and modify the loan.